About Us

More than a shoe, every pair a work of art. Each shoe is meticulously hand-lasted and embellished with a combination of patina techniques at the hands of Master shoemakers with over 60 years of experience.

Our Story

After eight remarkable years in the shoe realm, Why&Co has fostered a tight-knit community that has propelled us forward. And this is just the beginning. With fresh faces and services, we’re thrilled to introduce the new Why&Co – Singapore’s first ready-to-wear formal leather shoe brand paired with full-suite barbering and salon services.

We’ve expanded our team and can’t wait to share more with you. Stay tuned for exciting updates, as a remarkable journey awaits.

Our Team

A three man team lead to improve the fashion scene in singapore through both classic and modern fashion styles. Each having their own expertise in fashion, Why&Co focuses on individual growth to achieve each client’s goal. 

First collection in 2015

Humble beginning from an online store to occasional popup events around Singapore.
We are now excited to host our clients at our boutique.

Made For You

Each new pair that is design is hand picked and considered before we begin our production. Never forgetting the classics, we find designs our of existing designs to create a twist.



Each and every material used in the making of our shoes are carefully considered & tested before production. This is also where we ensure style meets comfort.

All pairs are hand finished here at Why&Co. This makes each pair unique despite being the same design and size. Your piece is essentially one of a kind.

To give you the best

Our collection is kept to a stream line as too many options doesn’t solve your problems. We curated and decommission our pairs accordingly. There is always a pair waiting for you here at Why&Co.