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Shoe Services

*Prices indicated are starting prices. Full list in appointment page.

  • Basic Restoration $40.00

    Renewing life to worn leather companions.

  • Deep Restoration $75.00

    Rediscover the true essence of your favorite shoes.

  • Mould Cleaning $90.00

    Reviving shoes from the grasp of time.

  • Shine $70.00

    A mirror finish to impress and express your style.

  • Outsole Replacement $70.00

    Expertly renewed foundation for your cherished shoes.

  • Insole Padding $25.00

    Elevate comfort, walk on clouds in your revitalized shoes.

  • Expansion $25.00

    Comfort and style perfectly aligned, step with confidence.

  • Single Patina $100.00

    Elevate your footwear, one color, infinite elegance.

  • Multi Patina $175.00

    An artist's touch, a symphony of hues on leather canvas.

Barber services

*Prices indicated are starting prices. Full list in appointment page.

  • Haircut $55.00

    Crafting hairstyles that resonate with your unique personality.

  • NSF/Student Haircut $45.00

    Elevate your style quotient with our affordable student cuts.

  • Beard Trim & Shape $35.00

    Sculpting beards, refining masculinity, a gentleman's signature.

  • Wet Shave $45.00

    Experience the timeless tradition of a perfectly executed wet shave.

Salon services

*Prices indicated are starting prices. Full list in appointment page.

  • Designer Cut $55.00

    Sculpting hair into art, personalized designs for distinctive souls.

  • Wash & Blow $35.00

    Revitalize your hair, a touch of luxury, everyday indulgence.

  • Colour $150.00

    Infusing vibrant colors into your locks, a statement of self.

  • Highlights $120.00

    Sun-kissed elegance, a touch of radiance to your hair.

  • Root Retouch $120.00

    Flawless continuity, roots rejuvenated, confidence restored.

  • Perming $250.00

    Adding texture, embracing curls, a new dimension to your hair.

  • Rebonding $250.00

    Silky-straight allure, taming unruly locks, transformation redefined.

  • Scalp Treatment $70.00

    Revitalize your scalp for vibrant, healthy hair.

  • Hair Treatment $100.00

    Experience hair rejuvenation and transformation with our personalised care.

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