Our Services

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Our Services

We provide full suite care care and shoe repair services.


A 40min tailored fitting experience designed to understand your style, ensure appropriate last selection & to experience the wear.

House Restoration

Our complimentary Standard Shine for all our clients for each shoe purchased.

Gentlemen Shine

Consisting of the fundamentals of a Standard Shine, the shoes are finished off to a high gloss finish around the hard leather areas. This is also known as mirror shine or military shine.

Standard Shine

Standard shine consist of cleaning the uppers, moisturising the leather, adding base pigments & a buff shine.

Rubber Outsole

Renowned for its durability and anti-slip properties, Why&Co uses Vibram outsoles for all rubber outsole replacements.

Insole Padding

Replacements for worn out insoles or add-ons to create a better fit.

Deep Cleaning

Recommend for shoes that have not been worn for a long period of time, contains excessive dirt or has mold growth.


We provide shoe expansion services that softens and stretches the leather out. This process will not deform or change the look of the shoes.

Single Patina

Patina works that require one single solid colour only.

Multi Patina

Patina works that require more than one single solid colour or with a finish (e.g. Brush Stroke or Museum Finish)

We provide full suite care care and shoe repair services.