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Online Store to Flagship Boutique


2015: A Vision Takes Shape

Why&Co began its journey in 2015 as an online store with a singular mission: to bridge the gap between luxury, affordability, comfort, and style in men's footwear. For two years, we operated purely online, focused on delivering premium leather shoes that combined elegance with everyday practicality. Our commitment to quality and design resonated with a growing clientele, setting the stage for our first significant breakthrough.

2017: Stepping Into the Spotlight

In 2017, our vision took a tangible form as we opened our first brick-and-mortar store. This 80-square-foot boutique was more than just a physical space; it was a testament to our dedication and an opportunity to connect more closely with our customers. The move allowed us to expand our designs, investing countless hours in research & development to curate a collection that remained true to our ethos of classic, timeless style.

2019: Growth and Ambition

By 2019, Why&Co had outgrown its initial boutique and moved into a larger, 250-square-foot space. This transition marked a period of significant growth and ambition. We were no longer content with merely participating in the fashion scene; we aimed to influence and elevate it. Our expanded store enabled us to enhance our offerings and further solidify our brand presence in Singapore's competitive market.

2020: Weathering the Storm

The unforeseen arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020 brought unprecedented challenges. Like many businesses, we faced uncertainty and disruption. However, our resilience and the steadfast support of our customers saw us through. This period was one of reflection and adaptation, reaffirming our commitment to innovation and excellence despite the odds.

2023: A New Era at Craig Road

In 2023, Why&Co reached a milestone that represented the culmination of years of hard work, perseverance, and unwavering dedication to our craft. We proudly launched our premium boutique store at 46 Craig Road, a beautifully restored shophouse that reflects our brand’s heritage and future aspirations. This flagship location is not just a store; it's a curated experience that showcases our finest collections in an environment designed to inspire and delight.

Looking Ahead: A Journey Continues

The opening of our Craig Road boutique is just the beginning of an exciting new chapter for Why&Co. As we look to the future, we remain committed to pushing boundaries, exploring new designs, and enhancing our customer experience. We have many exciting plans on the horizon, and we invite you to join us on this journey.

Stay tuned to our social media channels and website for updates as we continue to craft not just shoes, but a lasting legacy in the world of fashion.

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