General Questions Asked

Are walk-ins permitted, or is it necessary to schedule a fitting in advance?

- While walk-ins are indeed welcome, we highly recommend scheduling a fitting in advance to minimise potential wait times resulting from booked appointments.

Do we offer bespoke or made-to-measure services?

- Regrettably, we do not offer bespoke shoe services. However, we do accommodate made-to-measure requests based on availability and scheduling.

Shoes Related

What does complimentary restoration entail?

- At Whyandco, every shoe purchase includes a complimentary restoration service that can be redeemed within a 2-month period from the date of purchase. This service requires an appointment for drop-off.
For more detailed information, kindly visit our
Appointment page.

How frequently should I maintain my shoes?

- It is recommended to moisturize your shoes every 4-5 weeks, regardless of how frequently they are worn.
Maintenance remains essential for both regularly and infrequently worn footwear.

More on our shoe last

- Our lasts are meticulously developed and curated in-house, offering five different types to cater to various looks and widths. As our sizing does not conform to generic international footwear sizes, we advise scheduling a fitting Appointment for personalised assistance.

Sizing chart

- We encourage our clients to consult our Size Chart and follow the provided steps to determine their Why&Co size accurately.

What leather do we use?

- Our leather is sourced from esteemed regions such as France and Holland, renowned for their heritage in producing premium-quality leather. Emphasizing sustainability and quality, we utilize organically sourced leather, free from harmful chemicals. This commitment ensures environmental responsibility and results in luxurious, durable products crafted with great detail.

Shoe finishing

- Each pair of our shoes undergoes a hand patina and shining process by skilled artisans, resulting in unique finishes that make every pair one-of-a-kind. This artisanal approach enhances the character and individuality of each shoe, showcasing exquisite variations in color and shine. Our dedication to handmade craftsmanship offers you a footwear experience that is truly exceptional.

Socks Related

Knitting method used

- Our light knit socks are designed to be versatile year-round, complementing both elegant and casual attire. Featuring a rib-knit finish with an English cuff, they offer thin yet highly durable construction, allowing for breathability. The use of hand linking ensures seamless toe seams, providing added comfort.

Socks sizing

- We offer a range of sizes to ensure a perfect fit. Employing high-quality materials and advanced weaving techniques, our socks maintain their shape over time, resisting wear and stretching. Designed for durability, they deliver long-lasting comfort and support throughout the day.
Additionally, our sock range includes options in Mid Calf and Knee High lengths.

Material used

- Cotton:Made from 100 % Egyptian Cotton, a material renowned for its exceptional quality. Known for its long fibers, this cotton variety provides unmatched softness, breathability, and durability. The luxurious feel against your skin and the moisture-wicking properties ensure all-day comfort. 

Merino Wool : 100% temperature-regulating and breathable Merino Wool, providing warm comfort and unique color intensity. With an elegant and brilliant look, these socks feature a non-shrink treatment for long-lasting durability. Offering a perfect fit and length options, they combine luxurious comfort, style, and practicality for an exceptional sock-wearing experience.

Cashmere-Silk:Made from a blend of 70% Cashmere and 30% Silk, ensuring an elegant and brilliant look. With a warm and silky comfort, they provide unique color intensity. Offering a perfect fit, these socks exhibit high softness and breathability. Experience the luxurious combination of Cashmere and Silk, elevating your sock game to new heights of style and indulgence.

Colour durability

- We prioritize the use of high-quality materials in our socks to ensure vibrant and true colors. By selecting premium materials and employing quality dyeing processes, we guarantee rich and long-lasting coloration. This commitment to quality ensures that our socks maintain their visually striking appearance wash after wash.

Care & maintenance

- To maintain the quality of our socks, we recommend washing them by hand or machine (using a cold or 30° cycle) with mild soap on a delicate setting. It's advisable to wash the socks inside out and avoid drying and ironing them. Instead, lay them flat to dry and refrain from exposing them to direct sunlight.