Cross in Coffee

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Double Monkstrap Shoe, Cross in Coffee
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Cross, our Double Monkstrap Wholecut exemplifies refined elegance and daring style. Its seamless, unblemished leather construction embodies sleek sophistication, while the dual monkstrap closure adds a touch of boldness.

A versatile masterpiece, this shoe effortlessly complements upscale ensembles and stands as a testament to your distinctive fashion sense.





More information

  • Shoe last

  • Leather uppers

    European Smooth Calf
  • Construction

    Blake Stitch
  • Outsole

    Blake Stitch

Other information

  • Care guide

    Free complimentary restoration within 2 months from purchase. Please refer to our "Basic Home Shoe Care Guide" on our journal page.
Double Monkstrap Shoe, Cross in Coffee

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