Neil in Coffee

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Short Tongue Belgium Penny Loafer, Neil in Coffee
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Neil, our Short Tongue Belgium Tassel Loafer epitomises chic nonchalance. Its minimalist design boasts a shortened tongue and iconic tassel accents, exuding a sense of relaxed elegance.

A fusion of sophistication and casual flair, this loafer adds a distinctive touch to smart-casual and upscale ensembles with understated charm.





More information

  • Shoe last

  • Leather uppers

    European Suede Kidskin
  • Construction

    Blake Stitch
  • Outsole


Other information

  • Care guide

    Free complimentary restoration within 2 months from purchase. Please refer to our "Basic Home Shoe Care Guide" on our journal page.
Short Tongue Belgium Tassel Loafer, Neil, Black

Our Last

D03 - Short Tongue

The short tongue Belgian loafer shoe last offers a sleek, minimalist profile that defines refined elegance. Its distinct, truncated tongue design ensures a comfortable fit and modern look, perfect for those seeking a blend of tradition and contemporary flair.